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RESTEC EVENTS received an official gratitude from ICCA

30 August 2013

Chairperson of the ICCA CEC Chapter and CEO of Gdansk Convention Bureau Anna Gorska has expressed gratitude to RESTEC EVENTS for its help in organizing ICCA Central European Summer Meeting, which was held in St. Petersburg from 22 to 24 August 2013.
Mrs. Gorska highlighted the important role of RESTEC EVENTS in the event success: “Having RESTEC EVENTS as sponsor and partner of the event was crucial for the success of the meeting”.
Furthermore Mrs. Gorska appreciated St. Petersburg’s facilities and noted that the city is ready to host the most prestigious international events: "St. Petersburg can be an example for other destinations of how to organize professional and involving meeting.  It turned to be an amazing city where history spirit and modern solutions mix and where people are open minded and hospitable” – said Anna Gorska.