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EFEA-2014: the Russian meeting industry developing dynamically

23 January 2014

In Russia, particularly in St. Petersburg, a dynamic development of the exhibition and convention industry continues.
As the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Oleg Makarov stressed, while speaking at the III Europe+Asia Event Forum, the number of regional convention and exhibition events is growing, and the infrastructure is been developed, which contributed to the development of the Northern Capital and helped it to take a good position in the international rankings of ICCA in 2013. Vice-Governor Oleg Makarov said that the City Administration has been open to the idea of developing an exhibition and convention cluster in St. Petersburg. It is expected that draft development framework will be approved in 2014 to contribute to the improvement of the economic situation in the region and draw attention of investors.
Vladimir Strashko, Vice President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that the industry growth in 2013 was 10%-13%. According to him, new exhibition venues are built, and physical infrastructure is developed. 'Russia has established itself as a country where important international and business meetings are held,' the expert said. 'Such major events as the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and congresses in Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk take place in Russia.' According to Vladimir Strashko, establishing the National Congress Bureau is crucial further dynamic development of the industry.
Sergey Trofimov, President of RESTEC® Group noted that, thanks to exhibitions and conventions, the efficiency of business and international contacts increases. It was also evidenced by the III Europe+Asia Event Forum that was opened in St. Petersburg. This event brings together more than 320 experts from 25 countries and 23 Russian regions. 124 spokespersons will make their presentations at the conferences and round tables. More than 300 business meetings have been scheduled for the Forum. First Europe+Asia Event Forum will continue till January 24.