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EFEA 2014: meet new technologies in the event industry

21 January 2014

The world is growing rapidly, and information technology plays one of the most important roles in this growth, since it is widely used in almost all spheres of human life. 
Various technological innovations and mobile applications that improve the event management efficiency, collect and structure information obtained by participants and organisers, and reduce costs and are an interesting addition to any event have long been added to the armoury of the largest foreign exhibition and convention organisers. And this is not by accident. 
Event industry is one of the most innovative sectors: it allows introducing new products and achievements in other sectors and is constantly evolving at the same time, offering new technologies and services. Thanks to the information technology, the industry meeting opens up new horizons and opportunities for participants and organisers:  modern event formats and methods of communication, and services and equipment.  
  • How does technology create a new generation event industry? 
  • What tools are the most popular among participants and organisers? 
  • How to use all the technology options most effectively? 
These answers can be found at the Europe+Asia Event Forum to be held in PetroCongress Congress Centre in St. Petersburg from 22 to 24 January. 
New horizons and new opportunities of the industry in their entirety will be presented January 23 at the session "The impact of modern information technology on the event industry". Constellation of domestic and foreign spokespersons will introduce the latest innovations and developments and demonstrate skilful and proper usage of them to the Forum participants. 
And most importantly, many of these technologies will be showcased at the Europe+Asia Event Forum